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Nintendo Switch Repairs at Games Console Repairs Portsmouth

Welcome to our dedicated Nintendo Switch repairs service page. In the realm of handheld gaming, the Nintendo Switch stands out as a fan favourite, and we’re here to ensure its longevity in your hands. At Games Console Repairs Portsmouth, we’re committed to bringing your console back to life, no matter the issue.

Our Comprehensive Nintendo Switch Repair Services Include:

  1. Screen Repairs: From minor scratches to significant damage, we can make your screen look as pristine as the day you first powered it on.

  2. Not Charging: If your Switch isn’t holding a charge or not charging at all, our experts can swiftly rectify any charging malfunctions.

  3. Joycon Connection Issues: Drifting or non-responsive Joycons can be a real game breaker. We’ll ensure a seamless connection to keep your gameplay smooth.

  4. Memory Card Reader: Vital save data deserves top priority. Our team can diagnose and fix any issues preventing access to your saved games and data.

  5. Game Card Reader: If your Switch is having trouble reading game cards, we’ll make sure your physical game library remains playable.

  6. Cooling Fan Repairs: A malfunctioning fan can lead to numerous problems. We’ll ensure your Switch stays cool and functional.

  7. Powering On Issues: If your console refuses to turn on, our team is adept at diagnosing the root cause and getting you back to gaming.

  8. Cosmetic Damage: For those who want their Switch looking as good as new, we handle exterior damages, from minor scrapes to significant dents.

  9. Overheating Solutions: Prolonged play shouldn’t be a problem. If your Switch is overheating, we’ll identify and solve the underlying issue.

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We Offer Fixed Fee Repairs on Charging Ports

Charging Port Replacement

“Charging ports are expertly replaced utilizing our advanced micro soldering service, guaranteeing precision and long-lasting reliability.”