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Xbox Series X|S Repairs at Games Console Repairs Portsmouth

Welcome to our dedicated Xbox Series X|S repairs service page. With the next generation of gaming in full swing, the Xbox Series X and Series S have secured their spots as premier gaming consoles. At Games Console Repairs Portsmouth, we’re devoted to maintaining the peak performance of your device, tackling any challenge it might face.


Our Comprehensive Xbox Series X|S Repair Services Include:

  • Power Supply Solutions: Power issues with your Xbox? We offer comprehensive diagnostic and power unit replacement services, ensuring your console is always ready for action.

  • HDMI Restoration Services: Dealing with display problems? Our team provides HDMI port replacements and signal troubleshooting to ensure sharp and uninterrupted visuals.

  • Disc Drive Solutions (Xbox Series X): Loading or disc recognition issues interrupting your gameplay? We specialize in drive lens cleaning, mechanical adjustments, and full drive replacements to keep your game library accessible.

  • Connectivity Enhancements: Struggling with unstable online connections? We offer network card diagnostics, replacements, and signal optimization services to ensure stable and fast connectivity.

  • Cooling System Overhaul: Concerned about your Xbox overheating? Our full cooling system service includes fan cleaning, replacements, and premium thermal compound reapplications to maintain optimal temperatures.

  • Storage & Software Solutions: Facing storage errors or software crashes? We provide SSD/HDD replacements, system software reinstalls, and data recovery services to ensure smooth operations.

  • Controller Sync Assistance: Controller not connecting? Our technicians can troubleshoot and rectify internal Bluetooth and wireless module issues, guaranteeing a seamless gaming experience.

  • Cosmetic Refurbishments: External wear and tear tarnishing your Xbox’s look? We offer casing replacements, button repairs, and refurbishment services to restore its pristine condition.

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We Offer Fixed Fee Repairs on HDMI Ports

HDMIPort Replacement

“HDMI ports are expertly replaced utilizing our advanced micro soldering service, guaranteeing precision and long-lasting reliability.”